Lets get this started with a great quote, from a great innovator.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue 

Walt Disney

My students, their families and other people ask me how I stay motivated to train as I have been training for over 39 years. Almost 4 Decades later and still going strong, it’s all in your mindset. In my case the simple answer I won’t settle for 2nd best for myself. I just keep pushing myself to reach new levels and Lead from the Front. Especially as a role model for my sons.

All it takes to become an excellent student of the Martial Arts is to have the beginners mindset to which you need to always be getting better. When one first starts training in Martial Arts you are excited as you literally see yourself improving class by class.

As you get to the intermediate and then the advanced levels, you will review all the basics, learn some advanced skills and get stronger mentally and physically and keep moving forward. Towards the goal of becoming a Black Belt.

What ever it may be that you do, make sure you stay at the top of your game and keep climbing.   Have the “beginner’s mindset” to which you must continue to gain experience, skills, and knowledge.   Keep making progress, keep going ahead, NEVER settle!

Just know this, YOU WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH, you could always be a little bit better…   Always push for more, BUT make sure you respect where you are currently at and where you have come from.     Appreciate how far you have come but keep moving forward!

At Empire Martial Arts we have so many adults that have lost weight and kept it off, BURNED off that stubborn body fat without a crazy diet. Knocked the stress out of their life all while having FUN and making some cool friends.

Whats holding you back, come try us out this week and see why our students RAVE about how much fun they have.

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