Most people have made Albany Fitness, Albany Self Defense new year’s resolutions.  Few people act on them to achieve them.

Want to know the length an average Albany NY Fitness or Albany NY Self Defense New Year’s resolution succeeds?

Typical Resolutions last about four days.

On January 1, 2014 people make their new year’s resolutions.

They Say “This year is going to be different.”

They Say “I’m going to lose weight.”

“I’m going to exercise regularly.”

“I’m going to get a better job.”

The problem is widespread lack of Action.

Just look at the health clubs and gyms.

From January 2 they are packed for the first week.

You may have to wait to get on a cardio machine.

But come in two weeks later…

It’s empty.

Why do so many people fail to achieve what they want?

Think of a car.

It’s filled with gas.  It’s fully tuned and ready to go.

Just one thing.

No one turned on the key.

Well, that car isn’t going anywhere.

And the key that gets all change going is your mindset and your

All change comes from the mind.

And if you are in a peak state – and know how to hold this state,
you can not fail.

Want the key to make all your resolutions a success?

It’s time to change your life…for good.

Now and forever.

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