Recent Attacks spur interest in Self Defense classes, ALBANY NY

– Albany Self Defense, COLONIE SELF DEFENSE– The staff at Empire Martial Arts has been fielding more calls about self-defense classes after area police agencies said at least six women reported being attacked in recent weeks.  “I want to feel as a woman that I would be able to defend myself if anything happened to me and it’s good for just general overall fitness,” said Michele Zirilli who started taking classes last year. Zirilli started as a beginner where she learned basic defense tactics.

She eventually graduated to an advanced course where the real-life scenarios become more intense. “If you know anything and have some training that could be the difference between saving your life and going home safely,” said Teresa Zielinski, who joined three years ago. There are more than 150 students at Empire Martial Arts. Calls for beginner defense classes began increasing after a woman in Colonie told police she woke up to find a man with a knife in her bedroom. “We’ve had several calls a day where women are coming in over the next few days for self-defense and that was a reality check, ‘wow that could happen to me,’” said Empire Martial Arts owner Alan Condon. “As we go around our daily routine we get comfortable. We feel safe going to and from our house, safe going to and from work, but when that happens and you’re not aware you become a potential victim.” Those who took the class said the techniques were easy to learn and helped boost their confidence. “Most of the time, your attacker isn’t going to think you know something to do. They just assume that you’re going to be helpless, especially as a woman walking around, so this teaches you naturally and it works with your body’s natural reactions so it’s easier to understand,” said Zirilli. “Control what you can control. We all have it inside of ourselves.”

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