Krav Maga.


Most of us have heard of it. But what is Krav Maga exactly? And how it is an ideal self-defense and fitness class for women?  Empire Self-Defense and Fitness in Albany, NY, will answer that question in this blog post.




Krav Maga is a relatively new martial arts and fighter training. Meaning “contact combat” in Hebrew, Krav Maga was developed in the 1950s by the Israeli Army and combined various other martial arts techniques and philosophies. Since its inception, Krav Maga classes have exploded in popularity as it is designed to be practical and intuitive for people of any age, shape, or size. Hence, Krav Maga classes are perfect for women. The techniques play off your natural instincts to quickly and effectively defend yourself when under attack.




You won’t find any uniforms in Empire Self-Defense and Fitness’s Krav Maga classes. Krav Maga is a pure self-defense and striking system. Emphasis is placed on de-escalating conflicts before the fighting stage is reached. Then, and only then, are Krav Maga techniques used–when you are threatened.


Krav Maga uses quick, explosive movements that target your attacker’s vulnerable areas such as the eyes and groin before you make your escape. It’s been taught for decades to some of the most elite tactical forces in the world and now it’s making its way to civilians.




  • No experience is necessary nor prerequisites. You don’t have to be fit, in shape, or have a certain ‘look’ to learn the techniques of Krav Maga. You don’t need any special equipment or uniform. You come as you are, and you leave a little better.
  • We train the mental game. Empire Self-Defense and Fitness recognizes how humans tend to panic in unknown and scary situations. We strive to train the mind through utilizing scenario training, stressful situations, and equipping you with awareness and prevention techniques.
  • You will get fit. Krav Maga classes are a total body workout. You’ll gain strength in endurance, stamina, power, core strength and toning as well as improved coordination and balance.
  • Women will learn how to generate power from their physique. Women are powerful like men are–just in different ways. Having the self-confidence to believe in your abilities to defend yourself is a key component and development area we strive for here at Empire Self-Defense and Fitness.
  • The moves in Krav Maga are simple and taught in a repetitive way in order to form your muscle memory. When you’re attacked, the first few seconds are crucial. Empire Self-Defense and Fitness classes are geared to train your body to take over before your brain has time to think.


Krav Maga is about awareness, prevention, and self-confidence. Knowing your surroundings and being aware of who and what are around you go hand-in-hand with prevention. Self-confidence is in the way you carry yourself and how you react in an unknown, life-threatening situation.


Empire Self-Defense and Fitness in Albany, NY, understands the importance of being able to defend yourself in a life-threatening situation. Our Krav Maga classes emphasize the basic movement patterns, so they become second-nature. You’ll learn to utilize your unique strengths to best defend yourself, and also develop your self-confidence and fitness level to survive any scenario. Contact us today!