2014 can be the year you make a difference in your personal fitness and Self Defense skills.

I have many students just like you who joined us in 2013 and are now raving fans. Recently I did a survey and the top 3 answers from these new members as too why they choose to join Team Empire are:

The TOP ANSWER WAS: Beginner friendly classes.

When you start out at Empire Martial Arts, you will go through a special introductory class.  In this private class, you will be learn the basics of our program and how it will help you reach your training goals.

And the intro classes takes into account that you may be totally out of shape – one of its principal designs is to allow you too work at your own pace.

We want you to develop the necessary fundamental skills and fitness in the most efficient manner possible and we’ve found that this is the best and quickest way for our students to get maximum results in minimum time is.

Hi Alan,
Since day one of the program, I have been impressed by the way you continually prove the point that your program is for everyone – men, women, old and young. The self defense training is taught in a way that even those who have no prior martial arts or self defense experience can learn it easily and learn it right. I know I speak for the other class members when I say that my ability to defend myself and my family from an attack has been greatly enhanced by Empire’s training.

Jim Salada.

More tomorrow.

If you have a question or just need a little more info before you get started then

give us a call at 456-2582