I know we always think it will happen to someone else, but whether we want to believe it or not, bad things can happen to us.

We are creatures of habit and feel safe in our day to day routines of work, shopping etc.

But no matter how careful we are, we may find ourselves a target of an assault or of some type of violence.

Statistics show most often violent acts are committed by someone we know, but there are of course the other circumstances as well…  being mugged, accosted in a parking lot by someone just looing to pick a fight, etc.  What do you do?

A one day Self Defense class is a good start and we can schedule a Private Class for you and if you would like one of your friends can come too.

Here’s is a quick overview of what I teach in my self-defense training courses…

  • How to Double Your Physical Power: You might be surprised to find out that a few “easy to learn” principles of body balance will enable you to execute kicking and punching techniques with devastating power!
  •  Alertness
  • Self-Defense techniques and Strategies and more

So stop being afraid and  Make A Positive Change In Your Life NOW!

But only if you take action….call Cheryl at 456-2582

to book your private lesson today!