Kettlebell’s will get you FASTER FITNESS & FAT LOSS than an Albany gym

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From: Alan Condon…

Dear Soon-to-be Very Fit Friend,

Are you tired of working out week after week and STILL not seeing results?

Are you tired of the same old routines that are no longer challenging to your body??

Are you fed up with the whole “Gym Atmosphere?”

The first secret is that Kettlebell get you better fitness than an Albany gym.

Then Get Ready For A BIG Change!

If you answered a big loud “YES” to any of those questions please do yourself a favor and pay close attention to everything I’m gonna tell you in the next couple of pages.

Did you ever wonder why some workouts just seem to just stop, well… “working?”

The problem is that it is natural for you to become both physically and mentally bored by your workout routine.

Let me put it this way…

When you meet up with an old friend that you haven’t seen for a while – what do you ask them???

Right – you say, “What’s new?” You don’t ask them, “What’s the same since the last time I saw you?”

You’re body is like that old friend and it’s gonna constantly ask you… “What’s new with my workout?”

If you don’t answer that question for your body – your body becomes bored and that’s why the results you’re after remain constantly OUT OF REACH!

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So What’s This Hand-Held Fat-Loss “Secret”?

I know, you were wondering what the hype at the top of the page is all about. Well here is the secret, an amazing weapon for total body fitness, fat loss and feeling younger, and more energetic.


It’s a Russian KETTLEBELL.

The popularity of Kettlebell training is rapidly growing in the United States.

Kettlebells were a secret training tool used by the Russian military and Special Forces, the Kettlebell (or girya) has been touted as the most effective, efficient piece of strength training equipment available.

You will see how easily our Kettlebell training Program increases strength, power, speed, co-ordination as well as core stability.

You have probably seen Kettlebells on TV as Hollywood Movie Stars have been using them to transform there bodies in a matter of weeks for a new movie role.

In fact the cast of the movie “300” used them to build there bodies in record time. Professional Athletes are using them to outlast and perform the competition.

What Will Kettbell Training Do For You?

Now here are the goals for our Kettlebell Program…

  • To Constantly and Consistently See Results (Fast Results) from your work out.
  • To challenge your body mentally and physically so you’re not BORED to tears every time you work out.

The Good News is You Do NOT Have to Be In Shape Already to Make Kettlebell Training at Empire Martial Arts here in Albany Work For You!


Our Kettlebell Fitness training is designed to accommodate your busy life and schedule!

  • You’ll get results quickly and easily…
  • You’ll shed your excess body fat quickly…
  • You’ll learn to manage and reduce Stress…
  • You’ll improve your physical balance…
  • You’ll increase your self-confidence…
  • You’ll improve your physical conditioning…
  • You’ll increase your flexibility…
  • And, you’ll have the body you always dreamed of…

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