Make fitness exciting by learning Muay Thai Kickboxing!

Our Muay Thai Training Program will Make You Fit, Formidable and the Envy of Your Friends, Neighbors, and Co-Workers…

What else?

  • You will learn to manage Stress
  • You will improve your physical balance
  • You will increase your self-confidence
  • You will improve your physical conditioning
  • You will increase your flexibility
  • You will learn practical Self Defense Skills
  • You will
  • and… You Wwill Melt Ugly Body Fat
  • and… You will make fitness exciting by learning Muay Thai Kickboxing!

Absolutely NO Previous Martial Arts Experience is Required!

Why have hundreds of Men and Women in the Capital District just like you chosen Empire Martial Arts?

They were tired of the gyms, running on the treadmill to nowhere and the boring Aerobic routines. They found that our program met all their health and fitness needs and helped them lose weight, get toned and burn tons of body-fat.

Why have numerous Adult Men and Women in our program referred their friends and families to us? So they could get the same results. Our Muay Thai classes will get you results while you’re having fun!

Rave Reviews

tony-r“I enjoy the friendly atmosphere where not only the instructors, but fellow students are always encouraging and promoting success. I feel like the instructors take a genuine interest in their students. I like how I am developing strength, speed and stamina all in one workout.” -Tony Rivera

What is Muay Thai?

Developed in Thailand the art of Muay Thai aka “Thai Boxing” is the National Sport of Thailand and has already gained popularity and recognition in the US and internationally. There are five major components to Thai Boxing:

  1. Punches
  2. Kicks
  3. Knees
  4. Elbows
  5. Clinching…

And you’ll learn it all at Empire Martial Arts!

Why Train Muay Thai?

I can assure you that Muay Thai is something that you’ll find to be simply amazing, fun and easy to learn…

  • Are you interested in managing stress so you can feel better and more accomplished in your business and personal life everyday?
  • Do you want to get some balance back into your life so you can feel good knowing that you’re looking out for number 1?
  • Are you interested in increasing your self-confidence and personal magnetism to improve your persuasive abilities in your professional and social life?
  • Do you want to get in the best shape of your life without being ‘bored’ to tears with your exercise routine?
  • How would you like to become more flexible than 90% of your peers so you are less prone to nagging injuries that can zap the quality of your life?

Why Train At Empire Martial Arts?

Empire Martial Arts is the only comprehensive Muay Thai Program in the Capital District. There is truly nothing else like it available.

As a professional full-service martial arts school, we take our job very seriously. That’s why we spend individual time in each class working with every student.

From the time you take your first class to earning your first belt and beyond, our friendly and encouraging staff will be right there beside you, helping you every step of the way!

Quality Muay Thai Training In A Safe, Friendly Atmosphere

In our programs, your safety and satisfaction are our greatest concerns. Special care is taken to teach students proper form and body mechanics to eliminate chances of injuries while training.

Our beginner classes places an emphasis on the physical conditioning and cardiovascular benefits of Muay Thai while learning effective self-defense strategies at the same time. The classes also focus on fun to make fitness exciting by learning Muay Thai Kickboxing!

Once You Get Going You’ll Be Hooked On The FAST Results!

Once You Get Going You’ll Be Hooked On The FAST Results!

Our Martial Arts training is designed to accommodate your busy life and schedule!

Our fun classes are tailored to increase your flexibility, coordination, balance, reflexes, strength.

You Can Make A Positive Change In Your Life NOW!

But only if you take action…

I’m sure by now you can imagine what can happen if you get the ball rolling with our exclusive “members only” program.

The results are clear to anyone smart enough to check us out. Our school is founded on the principles of teaching excellence, personal attention and tradition.

At Empire Martial Arts, our instructors are personally selected, not only for their martial arts skill, but also for their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to clients of all ages. We know that each client has different goals and we help you reach yours, plain and simple!

As you can see there are many great reasons to get involved in our program but… And this is a really big BUT…

The Lightning FAST, Life Enhancing, Amazing Results Can’t Begin Until You Do!

This is YOUR Moment…

Whether you want to just get in shape, learn self defense, compete or become a Martial Arts black belt … we’ve made getting started very easy and convenient for you.

All you need to do is call us at 518-492-4285 or fill our online form to set up an Introductory Trial Lesson and Consultation.

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A Private Lesson

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