If you are looking for the best martial arts instruction in the Capital District you have to look no further than Empire Martial Arts. When I decided to begin martial arts, I researched the different disciplines and found that Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are the most effective. Then I researched the best place to receive instruction – and found that Alan Condon and Empire Martial Arts are the best the area has to offer. I quickly learned to defend myself, I was amazed at how soon my cardio and breathing improved, and the confidence that comes from learning street effective techniques is priceless. Empire offers dynamic training where others offer one dimensional, limited, and unorganized instruction.

In my third year as a student – I can say that the facility, instructors, students, and atmosphere are all excellent. Every thing about Empire Martial Arts has exceeded my expectations. Whether your goal is to get in shape, learn to defend yourself, participate in the exciting sport of mixed martial arts, become a Jiu Jitsu competitor, or just have fun — everything you desire is right here. The program just keeps getting better and better. Guest instructors, tournaments, quality students who respect and care about their classmates – it doesn’t get any finer.

- John Snyder