1. Great workout.

    I started training at Empire Martial Arts because I love the sport and I wanted to get a great workout. I recommend Empire Martial Arts to Women, Men and their children.

    - Rhiannon Fenton
  2. Reach your goals.

    I have trained at other places and they are nowhere near as comprehensive. The lesson plans at Empire Martial Arts make it extremely easy and fun to learn. It’s for people of all ages and physical fitness levels. Plus the staff is committed to helping you reach your goals.

    - Justin Doran
  3. Great stress reliever.


    I feel better both physically and mentally after my classes at Empire Martial Arts. The classes are very challenging. The instructors make me feel very comfortable there and make me want to give my best at every class. The school has a great atmosphere. You are encouraged to push yourself, but at the same time you can work at a pace that you are comfortable with. I would recommend the school to anyone that is looking for a physical challenge. I find that the classes are a great stress reliever. I have been a fan of MMA for years and to have the opportunity to learn some of the techniques used by the athletes I have watched over the years is a thrill for me.

    - Brian Dongelewic
  4. Achieve your goals.


    To me, Empire Self Defense & Fitness has given me something new to be passionate about. I am in the best shape of my life and my self confidence has been boosted. I live for the camaraderie of the team atmosphere and the attitudes of self discipline and finding inner strength to achieve your goals. To say that Empire has made a great impact on my life would be an understatement.

    - Chad Caiazza
  5. Excellent.


    If you are looking for the best martial arts instruction in the Capital District you have to look no further than Empire Martial Arts. When I decided to begin martial arts, I researched the different disciplines and found that Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are the most effective. Then I researched the best place to receive instruction – and found that Alan Condon and Empire Martial Arts are the best the area has to offer. I quickly learned to defend myself, I was amazed at how soon my cardio and breathing improved, and the confidence that comes from learning street effective techniques is priceless. Empire offers dynamic training where others offer one dimensional, limited, and unorganized instruction.

    In my third year as a student – I can say that the facility, instructors, students, and atmosphere are all excellent. Every thing about Empire Martial Arts has exceeded my expectations. Whether your goal is to get in shape, learn to defend yourself, participate in the exciting sport of mixed martial arts, become a Jiu Jitsu competitor, or just have fun — everything you desire is right here. The program just keeps getting better and better. Guest instructors, tournaments, quality students who respect and care about their classmates – it doesn’t get any finer.

    - John Snyder
  6. The best workout.

    The two main reasons I enjoy Empire Martial Arts are ‘professionalism’ and ‘camaraderie’. I know that I have a safe environment of like minded individuals where I can test myself weekly. My career and young family require most of my time. I find the professional atmosphere coupled with knowledgeable and friendly staff allow me to focus on myself and what I need to be a better martial artist while getting the best workout possible in a fun way.

    - Kosta Sikamiotis
  7. Friendly and knowledgeable.


    Taking classes at Empire Martial Arts is great! The friendly and knowledgeable staff are totally dedicated to your progress and achievements! In the short six months that I have been taking classes, my body has become more toned, I have increased my stamina by leaps and bounds, and have become much more confident in everything that i do. I would recommend Empire Martial Arts to any one looking to learn a martial art or any body who is tired of the conventional work out regime!

    - Ian Gecewicz
  8. Excellent instructor.


    I have been a police officer for approximately 18 years and currently teach and supervise our Defensive Tactics Program.

    Over the past year I have had the pleasure to train with Alan Condon. Alan is an excellent instructor and has a vast amount of knowledge in techniques concerning firearms, edged weapons, and empty hand combatives. He teaches techniques that can be utilized in real-life police situations.

    Through his years of experience as a martial arts instructor, he is able to teach his techniques to students regardless of their physical size or past experience. He stresses technique over strength and teaches techniques applicable to police related encounters.

    Alan has worked with many police officers that I know and we are all safer as the result of his instruction. His techniques are proven through trial and error experience and application. His experience and knowledge would be an asset to any program.

    - Rob Hugus, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, MMA Fighter, Carlson Gracie Team
  9. Gain confidence.

    I heard about Krav Maga and was interested in trying it. After only a few classes, I’ve learned techniques that I could actually use that could save my life. I wish I started sooner. So if you have thought about it, take the next step and try it. You have nothing to lose, but what you have to gain is confidence and techniques you’ll learn how to apply to any situation.

    - Teresa Zielinski
  10. Friendly atmosphere.


    I enjoy the friendly atmosphere where not only the instructors, but fellow students are always encouraging and promoting success. I feel like the instructors take a genuine interest in their students. I like how I am developing strength, speed and stamina all in one workout.

    - Tony Rivera